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If you would rather handpick individual books, you can do so from our stock lists. Our stock lists (updated weekly) can be downloaded from the below links and between them contain our stock of more than 700,000 books.

Click either of the below buttons to start selecting your bespoke wholesale books.*

Goldstone Bespoke Wholesale

Goldstone Rare Bespoke Wholesale

We have broken down the stock by Author to make the data more manageable but the pages are very large so please be patient while it loads. Once on the page you can order the data by title, ISBN, binding, author, condition and price. For the Goldstone Rare Books stock you can also order by publication date and publisher. There is also a IMG button which if clicked will open up a separate window with a cover image of the selected book.

You can use the search box provided (just above the table) to search for books by author, title, ISBN etc. This will select any books that include your search term within them and reduce the size of the table. The search box only searches for items within the currently selected authors page.

The prices shown are the full retail prices. Bulk orders attract the following discount:

  • 50 – 99 books = 50% discount
  • 100 – 499 books = 60% discount
  • 500 – 999 books = 65% discount
  • 1000+ books = 70% discount

To choose books simply check the checkbox to make a selection. The row will change to blue to highlight any selected books. Unchecking the checkbox will de-select the book. Selected books are added to the pop up in the bottom right hand of the screen. You can also de-select books from the pop up box to remove the books.

Once you have selected a minimum of 50 books, click submit in the pop up box to proceed to a page that will have all your selected books to review, plus a form to submit your delivery information. You can de-select books from the form to remove them from your order.

When you submit the web form, your order will be sent to us to review and double check. You will also receive an email confirming your order along with an attached spreadsheet of the order for your records. We will then send an invoice to you with payment information.

*Please be aware all bespoke wholesale users must register for an account.

Goldstone Books Wholesale List


Goldstone Rare Books Wholesale List