Bespoke Wholesale

If you would rather handpick individual books you can do so from our stock lists.
Our stock lists (updated weekly in Excel format) can be downloaded from the below links and between them contain our stock of more than 700,000 books.

Goldstone Books Wholesale List


Goldstone Rare Books Wholesale List


The prices shown are the full retail prices. Bulk orders attract the following discount:

  • 50 – 99 books = 50% discount
  • 100 – 499 books = 60% discount
  • 500 – 999 books = 65% discount
  • 1000+ books = 70% discount

The “Goldstone” stock can be sorted by title, ISBN (ASIN), binding or author.

The “Goldstone Antiquarian & Sets” stock can be sorted by title, author, publisher, publication date, binding, price or condition. This list also includes links to the actual photos of the books.

When re-sorting please sort the entire rows as one so that our internal stock codes (contained in the grey coloured columns) remain intact and aligned with the other information. If you’re not sure how to re-sort in Excel, please let us know.

Any books that you want to order please place the quantity in the green ‘order’ column. You can delete any rows that you don’t want before sending the spreadsheet back to so that the file size can be emailed.