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For the first time, Her Majesty's diaries are opened...
'Had Mrs 'call me Carole' Middleton on the phone after lunch. Wanting to check 'our outfits don't clash on the big day'. One seriously doubts they would.'
Queen of sixteen sovereign nations, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith. She's one of the world's most well-known and powerful leaders and has reigned for almost 60 years. She's been privy to every major event and decision. But what does she really think?
'One does enjoy the Eurovision Song Contest. Lovely to be reminded how much more civilised the British are than our European neighbours. Royal Eurovision Fancy Dress Party to celebrate. Unfortunately Camilla misread the invitation as 'Euro-tunnel Fancy Dress Party' and came as a train.'
Taking in the momentous events of 2011, including two Royal Weddings, the phone hacking scandal and the Duke of Edinburgh's 90th Birthday Tarts and Vicars Party, these diaries reveal the seldom-seen workings of state and reveal how an octogenarian is quietly ruling the world and still has time for a gin.
'No, Mr Clegg, people born in Libya are not 'Librarians'.


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