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Drawing on lessons learned in the past few turbulent years, the revised Motley Fool Investment Workbook shows how The Motley Fool's popular investment strategies continue to help regular people beat Wall Street's best money managers -- in good times and in bad. Updated to reflect today's whipsaw economy, you will learn how to evaluate a company's financial performance, which mutual funds make sense, and where to find havens for your retirement savings.
Demonstrating how to value companies in a roller-coaster era -- and providing more useful work sheets and space for tracking goals than ever before -- this new edition gives you all the information and calculations you need to make smart investment moves now, including how to:
Figure out how much money you have to invest
Devise a sensible -- and profitable -- investment strategy
Select winning stocks
Purchase stocks in the cheapest and fastest way possible
Protect your investments and learn when -- if ever -- to let them go

Brimming with worksheets, charts, and real-world examples -- all wrapped up by The Fool's trademark sense of humor -- The Motley Fool Investment Workbook will help you take control of your own financial destiny one step -- and one dollar -- at a time.


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